Junior High Volleyball Tournament

Due to Covid-19/quarantining, this year’s Junior High Volleyball Tournament will be done differently than it has been done in the past.  There will not be Regional Tournaments this year.  The goal of ACAA is for those participating in and attending our athletic events to be able to minimize possible exposure to the Covid virus.  The [&hellip

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Reporting Scores

Coaches, Athletic Secretaries, and Athletic Directors make sure scores are being reported promptly.  Scores for volleyball should be submitted to Donna Doss at acea2000@bellsouth.net every Monday (unless you submit scores after every game).  Scores for football should be submitted to Pam Cason at pamcasonacaa@gmail.com as soon as possible following your games.  Failure to promptly report [&hellip

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Track & Field 2020

See attachment for Track and Field information!  Begin by saving the attachment to your computer.  Next, fill in information and save!  Once you have all your school information entered, email saved information to ACEA Office at acea2000@bellsouth.net,  Once received, the ACEA Office will invoice your school for fees. Registrations forms are due at the ACEA [&hellip

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