Golf Championship

This year’s ACAA Golf Championship will be hosted by Providence Classical School in Huntsville. PCS and New Life – Millbrook will be on a 2-year rotation as hosts for this event.

The Golf Championship date will be moved to October 3, 2022. More information will come next week.

Get involved in as many of the events as possible!!


It is hard to believe our summer break is over and school is in session again (for most of our schools)!

Volleyball is underway and football starts in the next few weeks. We get started with a bang! Get involved and support our association schools when you have the opportunity to do so.

The next event we will sponsor is the ACAA Golf Tournament in September. More information will be coming soon!


  • If possible tie-breaker games should be played at a neutral site, preferably a school in your area or region.
  • The host school is responsible for booking the officials.
  • The two schools that are playing are responsible for providing an official scorer, clock keeper, and personnel to collect the gate.
  • The officials are paid from the gate money. If money is left after all expenses are paid, the two schools that played will split the gate.  If the gate is not enough to pay for expenses, the two schools that played will equally pay the difference to the host school.
  • The host school keeps all money from concessions sales.
  • The host school may assess a user fee not to exceed $25 per school for one game.
  • Admission to game will be the same as a regular season game.

NOTE: In basketball…


  • Head-to-Head
  • Head-to-Head same record, then a tie-breaker game is played


  • Drawing to determine 1st seed
  • A tie-breaker game is played between the remaining two teams
  • If time does not permit a tie-breaker game to be played, then a coin toss will determine 2nd and 3rd seed


A proposal to allow 6th grade girls to play varsity softball was sent to the ACAA Athletic Committee and on January 15, 2022 this was discussed.

The committee voted in favor of allowing 6th grade girls to play with the following stipulations:

  1. This is a one year trial (it could become a permanent change, but it could also not be allowed again after this year)
  2. There can be no more than three (3) 6th grades girls on the playing field at one time.
  3. All 6th graders in the game MUST wear face and chest protection. This chest protection is designed to be worn under the uniform top. This link to Amazon is an example of the required chest protection.
  4. It is recommended that each school planning to allow 6th graders to participate contact your insurance agency about the liability involved in allowing them to play varsity athletics.


The date for the 2022 ACAA Track Meet held at the University of Montevallo has been changed due to scheduling conflicts.

The new date is April 25, 2022 with April 26, 2022 as the rain out date. Please make necessary changes in your schedule in order to be able to attend!

This year our plans are to start the day with Field Events to get those completed and focus the remainder of the day on Track Events. This should hopefully help with scheduling conflicts for the athletes.

Volleyball State Champions 2021

Division 1A Junior High – Adullam House Christian Academy defeats Mount Pleasant Christian School

Division 2A Junior High – Cornerstone Christian Academy (R) defeats Tuscaloosa Christian School

Division 1A Varsity – Trinity Christian Academy defeats Brooklane Baptist Academy

Division 2A Varsity – Cornerstone Christian School (D) defeats Cornerstone Christian Academy (R)