All member schools of the Alabama Christian Education Association (ACEA) are afforded membership in the Alabama Christian Athletic Association (ACAA). Christian schools that cannot meet the ACEA membership requirements may apply for membership in the ACAA if they can sign a basic statement of faith and agree to comply with all the ACAA rules and regulations as well as pay the required membership and athletic participation fees. A committee carefully reviews the application and if there are no objections membership will be granted.

You may contact the ACEA office for more details. Membership fees and related cost will be provided upon request.

An opportunity to serve you would be our privilege!


  1. Are homeschool athletic groups/teams allowed to apply for membership in ACAA? If so, please send me details of the application process and fees associated with membership.

  2. We do have some homeschool groups that participate in our academic/fine arts programs and also participate in our one day track meet, but they do not participate in any other sports.

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