• If possible tie-breaker games should be played at a neutral site, preferably a school in your area or region.
  • The host school is responsible for booking the officials.
  • The two schools that are playing are responsible for providing an official scorer, clock keeper, and personnel to collect the gate.
  • The officials are paid from the gate money. If money is left after all expenses are paid, the two schools that played will split the gate.  If the gate is not enough to pay for expenses, the two schools that played will equally pay the difference to the host school.
  • The host school keeps all money from concessions sales.
  • The host school may assess a user fee not to exceed $25 per school for one game.
  • Admission to game will be the same as a regular season game.

NOTE: In basketball…


  • Head-to-Head
  • Head-to-Head same record, then a tie-breaker game is played


  • Drawing to determine 1st seed
  • A tie-breaker game is played between the remaining two teams
  • If time does not permit a tie-breaker game to be played, then a coin toss will determine 2nd and 3rd seed